Tower Aquatic & Sports Physical Therapy -  Physical Therapy near Clermont's famous Citrus Tower
To get started all you need is a script from your physician or surgeon.

Then give us a call to set you up with an appointment!

The First Appointment is a 
One-hour thorough evaluation with our physical therapist 
Leah Dearman.

Evaluations are conducted only in the mornings, primarily on 
Monday and Wednesday.

** Referring Providers can also fax your script / referral over to our facility at 
(352) 242-9044**

On The Day Of Your Evaluation:

We ask that you to please come in 
10-15 minutes prior to your first appointment to fill out the proper paperwork.

If you would like a head start on your paper work, you can print and fill out the Medical History Sheet.

Additional paperwork work may be necessary depending on your insurance and will be administered prior to your evaluation. Most insurances now require a functional outcome questionnaire we will give you in the clinic.

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