Tower Aquatic & Sports Physical Therapy -  Physical Therapy near Clermont's famous Citrus Tower

" Everyone here [is] really friendly and caring. Leah is very professional and extremely knowledgeable, the best support for my therapy. She is also a very wonderful person. Highly recommend Tower Aquatic. 
Terri H.     Clermont, FL 

"Tower Aquatic and Sports Physical Therapy was a very positive experience for me. The office staff was friendly and very efficient. Leah and Cara are professional and knowledgeable therapist- they helped me walk again."
Anne G.     Clermont, FL      

"Very Good."
Don M.      Groveland, FL       

"I have had both knees replaced in two years both times I came to the Tower Aquatics after having therapy at other places without the results that received here. They physical therapist here were excellent. They listen and react to your needs and provide [a] really warm, caring and knowledgeable atmosphere that encourages you to do well."
"I enjoyed coming even though the pain was worth the effort. They care about you and I recommend anyone that requires their great expertise and caring efforts for you!"
                                                 "Thank you for your efforts!" 
                                                              Seri L.     Leesburg, FL           

"Cara and Vicki are very knowledgeable in their area that they perform. I would recommend them and the Tower Aquatic to my friends and any one else that needs physical therapy." 
Thomas D.        Clermont, FL                  

"Everyone on the staff were very kind and explained every exercise." - "Loved Aquatic Therapy, I was happy to exercise with out feeling the pain and stress as exercising on land." 
Candice K.         Clermont, FL                

"Everyone is "awesome" will miss working with everyone at the facility. Cara is amazing. Highly recommended. If ever I need therapy again, I will be returning here. 
Evelyn S.           Clermont, FL                        

"Professional, supportive and friendly. Information is to the point and constant. Thank you."
Robert M.          Clermont, FL 
"Excellent care and knowledge of my problem."
George P.          Clermont, FL 
"Many thanks to the physical therapists at Tower Aquatics and Sports Physical Therapy. I progressed steadily from a post operative, frozen left shoulder join, to a functioning left shoulder."
Susan D.              Clermont, FL                     

"You've been great!"
Manuel R.           Clermont, FL                     

"The friendly staff was only outdone by the professional expertise and care." 
Allen W.            Clermont, FL                       

"Rehab with Tower is simple- Listen to what the therapists say and follow their instructions. They absolutely know what they are doing and will get you squared away. Absolutely exceeded my expectations at all times. Thanks Leah and staff." 
Mark P.             Clermont, FL                         

"My surgeon highly recommended this facility and I can clearly see why this is so. I was very well cared for and my improvement is directly resulting from the skill of all the therapists." 
Mary G.           Clermont, FL                      

"I was given a thorough evaluation of my problems to assess what treatment would needed. The physical therapists were friendly and very informative as to why a certain treatment was being done." 
Nancy S.         Clermont, FL                          

"The service was excellent. I would come back again if needed." 
Pat B.            Clermont, FL                      

"I've enjoyed the visits and the treatment and exercises. [The] at home exercises helped immensely. Vicki is awesome and has been a pleasure to work with." 
"If you have a need for PT this is the place. Excellent facility and awesome staff; knowledgeable, and have incredible level of expertise. They actually make PT enjoyable." 
James S.        Clermont, FL               

"She has helped me a great deal, and for that I am very grateful."
Marilyn W.     Clermont, FL                  

"I loved coming here! Staff is great, and fun to work with." 
Chris M.         Clermont, FL                

"By far the best physical therapy I have received! Post-op by another therapist was terrible. Leah has corrected those problems!" 
Paul L.            Leesburg, FL                

" Everyone very friendly, conscientious, caring; everything was explained until clear."
Jean A.            Clermont, FL                 

" The water therapy seems easy but got very good results. Before therapy I could not sleep on my side because of knee pain, now I can."
Florence F.       Groveland, FL              

" Found the staff knowledgeable, helpful and easy to work with. They took the time to ask and answer questions with knowledge and patience. They take a real interest in me and the reasons of my coming for therapy." 
Seford O.        Leesburg, FL               

"I have become a duck here! But funny [I] have a good time, would rather stop in and and just say Hi though! 
R.R. (restrooms) are very important! Your R.R. is spotless and you have candy!"
Pam R.             Clermont, FL             

"Tower Aquatic has therapists that work as a team. They are through and very precise with your treatment. All equipment is kept up-to-date and they have a wonderful pool with a treadmill in it for endurance. The environment is very clean and neat." 
"Thank you Cara!" 
"They also send copies of the exercise treatments home for you to follow up with on a daily basis and when you complete all of your visits." 
Jo-Ann S.         Clermont, FL              

"Loved it all. Loved the one on one care." 
Judy W.          Clermont, FL                  

"Gave me really good info that I can use in my daily living pattern."
Helen K.        Clermont, FL                
"Knowledgeable staff, very helpful, would definitely recommend. Great atmosphere to do rehab." 
Joan W.         Leesburg, FL                  

"I would recommend Aquatic physical Therapy to all who have problems with land therapy. It helps relieve pain as you do your therapy."
Paulette C.     Clermont, FL              

"Staff is knowledgeable and helpful."
L.Z., P.            Clermont, FL                

"Leah and the staff show great concern for the clientele. I love the friendly and caring atmosphere. Keep up the good work."
Shirley S.        Mascotte, FL              

"Outstanding group of people. They Really take care of you."
Charles, D      Leesburg, FL             

"I am happy with what TASPT has done to aid in my recovery from shoulder surgery."
David B.        Groveland, FL                 
"You are the best! The whole staff of your facility are the most courteous and caring team there could be!! The most knowledgeable and supportive to meet your goals. I always recommend you to others! You are like family!"
Rick B.         Clermont, FL                   

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